New Faculty And Changes In Roles At CVP!

I am thrilled to announce a new member and several changes in roles among CVP faculty!

I’m excited to welcome a new Core Faculty member to the CVP, Dr. Hemal Kanzaria, who is an Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine at ZSFG. Hemal, among other things, plays a key role in the BHHI, as one of the co-leads on our robust program on complex needs individuals, and is co-lead of the use of local data team.

I would like to welcome Dr. Brie Williams to a new role in CVP as a Core Faculty member, and Associate Director for Policy. Brie, a long time CVP Affiliate Member and an international expert in criminal justice reform, through a lens of public health. A geriatrician, Brie recently joined the Division CVP at ZSFG.  In CVP, she will serve as Core faculty member, member of the Executive Committee, and Associate Director for Policy, helping faculty and staff increase our policy impact.

And, I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Rita Hamad from Family and Community Medicine and Dr. Maya Vijayaraghavan from DGIM will move into roles as Core Faculty members. They have been active members of our Associated Faculty, and I am thrilled to welcome them to these new roles!

-Margot Kushel, MD