Partners & Past Initiatives

Why do we engage with community?

Engaging community enables CVP researchers to strengthen the links between research and practice, allowing us to translate research into real solutions and results. Our work with the communities we serve also facilitates dissemination of our research findings and helps build networks that are important for advocacy and policy change. The CVP researchers have pioneered strong links and channels of communication through partnerships with community-based organizations allowing us to extend our reach and impact. Two examples of community-engaged initiatives are The Bigger Picture project and EatSF.

Why do we work with policy-makers?

Chronic diseases have become the leading contributor to poor health and premature deaths across the world and will require policy-level changes to promote healthy environments and effective healthcare interventions. The CVP broadens the impact of effective, innovative solutions by working with policy makers to help shape and change policy that impact those at higher risk for chronic diseases. Several CVP faculty members serve on local, state, national, and international policy organization and participate in developing national and international policies guidelines that impact the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Communication between local entities and beyond is critical to improving public health.

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