Latinx and Immigration Health Program


CVP’s Latinx and Immigration Health Program focuses on a wide array of issues that impact these communities including:

  • Research on Latinx and immigrant health inequities and health care disparities
  • Research on cultural and language barriers to effective health care
  • Pipeline efforts to increase the number of Latinx and underrepresented in medicine physicians in California


To improve access to and quality of care for Latinx and immigrant populations through research, advocacy and health systems change.


The Latinx and immigrant population is the fastest growing population in the US. Thirty to forty percent of the more than 50 million U.S. Latinx individuals are considered to have limited English proficiency. Compounding this is a shortfall of almost 55,000 Latinx physicians as well as bilingual physicians to serve this population.  Language and cultural barriers often impede the delivery of safe, effective, patient centered care.  

At the University of San Francisco California, The CVP Latinx and Immigration Health program goal is to conduct research and develop programs to improve culturally and linguistically competent patient care while working with the UCSF Latinx Center of Excellence to build a physician workforce that will adequately meet the needs of Latinx and immigrant populations in the US.