The CVP broadens the impact of effective, innovative solutions by developing local, regional, national, and global networks that facilitate policies to reduce health disparities worldwide.

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Why is research critical to improving the health of populations made vulnerable?

Understanding how various factors put historically marginalized communities at risk for poor health and inadequate healthcare allow us to develop innovative strategies to address these factors and improve health. For example, new knowledge about the basic biology of hypertension in young African Americans (an important risk factor for stroke and heart disease) allows us to focus prevention and treatment efforts more effectively in this population. New knowledge about effective use of technologies to improve communication in patients with limited literacy allows for more effective healthcare approaches for the management of diabetes. New knowledge about food insecurity and how it places disenfranchised communities at risk for diabetes motivates advocacy around issues of hunger and health.

CVP's research is action-oriented. We strive to harness our research to develop innovative real-world solutions that are sustainable and capable of implementation among local communities, with the potential for replication more broadly. Our mission at CVP is translating research into solutions that are highly effective, sensible, and sustainable for the historically neglected communities in whose service we work. An example of just such a solution is the automated telephone self-management of chronic conditions.