Health Communications Program


CVP’s Health Communications Program (CVPHCP) is an unparalleled national model for health communications research, whose impact in harnessing communication to reduce health disparities has grown tremendously over the decade since its inception. 


To develop, evaluate and scale transformative health communications that give agency to individuals, families, communities and societies to change the status quo and achieve positive health impacts.

Why Communication?

Vulnerable populations are subject to a number of social risk factors that negatively impact health, including communication barriers. Of all social vulnerabilities, communication barriers are perhaps the most responsive to intervention. Language barriers, limited literacy, and cultural differences are just a few of the barriers that our program’s faculty and staff have focused on. Together, we have been at the forefront of the field of health communication science, demonstrating the contribution of communication barriers to poor health, discovering pathways whereby positive and tailored communication can influence health, and developing award-winning communication interventions that improve well-being to reduce health disparities.

This program is directed by Dr. Dean Schillinger.