CVP and BHHI Director Margot Kushel in the New York Times

CVP & BHHI Director Dr.@MKushel on homelessness @nytimes "Most homelessness is a result, pure & simple, of poverty...& the insidious impact of racism. If we don’t fix the fundamentals, we are just patching a leaking ship." 

What Would It Take to End Homelessness?

Monday: Margot Kushel, a leading researcher on homelessness, weighs in. Also: What comparing textbooks in California and Texas tells us.

For today, my colleague Conor Dougherty spoke with Dr. Margot Kushel, a leading homelessness researcher:

Margot Kushel is having the moment she never wanted to have.

Dr. Kushel is an internist at the University of California, San Francisco. She started specializing in low-income populations shortly after graduating from the Yale School of Medicine, and has spent two decades researching the underlying causes and consequences of homelessness in relative anonymity.

Lately, however, she’s seen her profile rise, as the problem she has spent her career trying to solve has escalated.