Phoebe Lee, BA

Clinical Research Coordinator

Center for Vulnerable Populations

Phoebe Lee recently joined our DGIM team as a Clinical Research Coordinator. Phoebe was born and raised in Los Angeles. She received her BA in Public Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine in 2017. Her most recent position after graduating from UCI included working as a Homeless Outreach Program Coordinator and Patient Navigator at an FQHC in Los Angeles. At the FQHC she helped in overseeing a number of administrative tasks including planning expansion projects, onboarding new staff, inventory ordering. She also served as a patient navigator, where she helped people experiencing homelessness apply for Medi-Cal and worked to bridge the gap between them and their health care and health insurance plans. In her free time, Phoebe enjoys going to museums, music festivals, and eating at nice/tasty restaurants. She loves to chill at cafes and read or draw on her iPad. She also loves film photography and ceramics. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Phoebe dabbled in baking, sticker making, and (light) exercising. When it’s safe to travel, she is looking forward to going back to China and Japan.