Neil Powe, MD, MPH, MBA


Dr. Powe serves as leader of the University of California San Francisco Medicine Service at the Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, a leading Medicine department in a public hospital with strong basic, clinical and health services research programs focused on major diseases affecting diverse patients locally, nationally and globally. His interests are in improving discovery, education, clinical practice and organizational effectiveness in medicine, enhancing scholarship and multidisciplinary collaboration, and developing future talent and leadership in the health professions. He has a particular interest in cultivating young scientists who are addressing major problems in science, health and health care delivery.

His primary intellectual pursuits involve kidney disease patient-oriented research, epidemiology, disparities, and outcomes and effectiveness research. His research unites Medicine and Public Health with the goals of saving and improving quality of human lives. It involves the knowledge of fundamental discoveries in biology and clinical medicine to advance the health of patients and populations affected by kidney disease.

Dr. Powe earned his medical degree at Harvard Medical School and his master’s in public health at Harvard School of Public Health. He completed residency, was a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar and completed his master’s in business administration at the University of Pennsylvania.
2018 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training, University of California
M.D., - Medicine, Harvard Medical School
M.P.H., - Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health
Resident, - Internal Medicine, Hospital of University of Pennsyvania
B.A., - Biochemical Sciences, Princeton University
Fellow, - Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar, University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A., - Health Care Systems, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Honors and Awards
  • Fellow, Royal College of Physicians of London, 2022
  • Heros and Hearts Award, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, 2022
  • John Phillips Memorial Award for Outstanding Work in Clinical Medicine, American College of Physicians, 2021
  • David M. Hume Memorial Award, National Kidney Foundation, 2019
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2017
  • Belding H. Scribner Award, American Society of Nephrology, 2011
  • Master, American College of Physicians, 2010
  • Diversity Award, Association of Professors of Medicine, 2010
  • Champion of Hope Award, National Kidney Foundation, 2008
  • Distinguished Educator Award, Association for Clinical Research Training, 2007
  • Member, Association of American Physicians, 2005
  • John M. Eisenberg National Award for Career Achievement in Research, Society of General Internal Medicine, 2005
  • Garabed Eknoyan Award, National Kidney Foundation, 2004
  • Member, National Academy of Medicine, 2003
  • Member, American Society of Clinical Investigation, 2000
  • Teaching and Research Scholar, American College of Physicians, 1989
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