The CVP faculty provide consultation in the following areas:

  • Validation and evaluation of programs or technological solutions into community based or academic low-income vulnerable populations
  • Integration of principles of social determinants of health into programs or initiatives based in the community or academia
  • Development and refinement of print-based and media-based health education content, particularly for use in populations with limited health literacy, limited English proficiency, or other vulnerabilities
  • Usability testing for patient and provider-facing health information technology tools or applications for chronic disease management and patient education in diverse populations

If you are interested in our consultation services, please contact [email protected].

Levels of Service

  • Level 1 Consultation
    • ~$202/hr
    • Consultation with a CVP faculty member
  • Level 2 Consultation
    • ~$152/hr
    • Consultation with a CVP faculty member
    • Support of a CVP staff member
    • Formal recommendations on project design
    • Usability testing
  • Level 3 Consultation
    • Price TBD, requires formal contracts & grants procedures
    • Consultation with a CVP faculty member
    • Support from CVP administrative and research staff
    • Implementation of projects within UCSF/ZSFG system, with formal review by the Committee on Human Research. Examples include soliciting patient feedback and usability testing.