Getting Involved

Park ArtworkCVP faculty are always asking the important question of how do we translate our findings into real world solutions? And the answer is, by involving practitioners who work with vulnerable populations and developing interventions our patients can actually use. We work with practitioners to make changes so we can have great effect on those at higher risk. The CVP also has a strong outreach component. Faculty members work with community organizations and youth groups to provide information on how best to combat chronic diseases in at-risk minority and vulnerable populations.

Practitioners, students, post-doc fellows, and community based organizations interested in CVP’s work and mission are encouraged to contact CVP faculty to explore synergies and collaborations.

Panels and Seminars

The CVP hosts panel discussions and seminars on topics that address the intersections of chronic diseases and social conditions that make management of chronic illnesses challenging.

Go to the Media page to view videos from the CVP Seminar Series.