Steven Ashby-Anderson, AA

Assistant Research Coordinator, Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative

Steven brings a wealth of experience to our team. He is a military combat veteran who served honorably in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2008 - 2009. He earned his AA in Paralegal Studies from Skyline College, and subsequently transferred to Florida A&M University to continue his academic pursuits. Having returned to the Bay Area, he is currently in the process of completing his BA in Public Administration from California State University - East Bay. He is a native Bay Area resident, having grown up in Marin City. Steven also brings lived experience to our team, having experienced homelessness throughout his childhood and several times during his adult life post his military service. While in school and throughout his life, he has been motivated by his passion for social justice and law, and now he brings that level of passion and dedication to his work at the Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative.

In his free time, Steven enjoys working out at the gym, traveling, playing basketball, watching sports, and reading in his leisure time. He attends church regularly, and is apart of a hiking group called 510 Hikers. Steven hikes all over Northern and Central California as has a passion for the outdoors.