Matt Matusiewicz, BA

Research Analyst

Prior to joining UCSF, Matt spent four years as a community organizer, development coordinator, and volunteer/tax site coordinator at the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) in Oakland, California. With personal connections rooted in his own immigrant family’s experiences, Matt is passionate about the health of low-income and immigrant families, leveraging his volunteer and professional experiences to bridge gaps in health disparities.

Matt is committed to service leadership, working with Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership California, contributing as co-director of Amplifying Sanctuary Voices at East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, and supporting the OLAS LGBTQ+ Sanctuary Project. He has collaborated on research projects at UC Berkeley (over the four years of his undergraduate Public Health degree), University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, and Harvey Mudd College in public health, educational disparities, and biomathematical modeling for vaccine development.