Jessica Alway, MPH

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jessica joined the DGIM team as a Clinical Research Coordinator in 2021. Prior to this position, she worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in San Francisco. She also received her master’s degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley, concentrating on Health Policy and Management. While there and following graduation, she helped conduct an impact evaluation of a reintegration program for obstetric fistula survivors in Kenya. She also participated in multiple evaluations of new emergency medical service (EMS) programs intended to reduce reliance on the 911 system for non-life-threatening events. Through these projects and her time as an EMT, Jessica has extensive experience with the unhoused population in San Francisco. Many of her EMS responses were non-emergency transports to treat individuals without current housing, often suffering from addiction and mental health issues as well. She is excited to continue working in the community with our investigations of tobacco use among homeless-experienced individuals. Specifically, she will lead the smoke-free home study conducted in Bay Area permanent supportive housing. Prior to her career in health care, she worked in marketing for an e-Commerce company. Outside of work, Jessica’s interests include travel, food, sports, and spending time with friends and family.