Helen Arega, MA

Special Projects Analyst

Helen Arega – holds a MA in Urban Affairs and Public Policy with a concentration in Reproductive Health. After moving to California in 2014, she further pursued her passion and education for sacred birth and became a full-spectrum community based-doula, ultimately, co-founding Roots of Labor Birth Collective. Helen is a birth worker, activist, researcher and educator. She is a member of Black Women Birthing Justice and currently serves as the Program Director for the ACTIONS Fellowship; focusing on reproductive health and justice at University of California San Francisco-School of Nursing. She has contributed to a few publications on reproductive justice; Battling Over Birth produced by Black Women Birthing Justice and a book chapter in Moving Life Course Theory Into Action edited by Sarah VerBiest DrPH, MSW, MPH; The Criminal Justice System’s Impact on Intergenerational Health.
MA, 05/2013 - Urban Affairs & Public Policy, University of Delaware
BS, 06/2011 - Community Health, Eastern Washington University
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