Dave Graham-Squire, PhD

Senior Statistician, Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative

Dave will serve as a Senior Statistician to lead our quant team. Dave has worked in the field of policy analysis for the last 14 years, primarily focusing on issues of labor standards, such as raising regional minimum wages, and expanding health care affordability and access in California.

Most recently, he worked as a statistician for the U.C. Berkeley Labor Center where he provided the quantitative results for dozens of studies to inform legislative debates. In his first week at the Labor Center, he provided the analysis which led to requirements for San Francisco businesses to provide basic contributions towards employee healthcare (that’s the SF Health Care Securities Ordinance for all the health policy wonks out there). And other highlights include providing financial numbers which were key to the campaign to raise New York State’s minimum wage to $15/hr, and California expanding Medi-Cal to undocumented children. He’s also worked as a union organizer, canvasser for an anti-war organization, and has volunteered for, and collaborated with, numerous social justice campaigns and organizations.

Dave has a doctorate in Statistics from UC Berkeley. His studies were split between machine learning methods (i.e. “Data Science”) and drawing causal conclusions from studies with human subjects, with all the complications that make those studies differ from randomized control trials. He’s excited to apply these skills to the intersection of health, homelessness and housing policy at BHHI.