Cissie Bonini, MPA

Director of EatSF

Cissie Bonini is the Director of EatSF, an innovative program aimed at increasing access and affordability of healthy foods in underserved neighborhoods. EatSF not only provides low-income residents with crucial resources to purchase nutritious food and improve their health, but also helps address food deserts by supporting the ability of food vendors to stock fresh produce. Cissie Bonini has been in non-profit leadership positions in San Francisco for more than two decades and is a tireless anti-poverty advocate. In that time, she has established numerous deep and well-respected relationships across the network of public, private, and governmental organizations committed to addressing the needs of and serving the most vulnerable in the community. Ms. Bonini oversaw multiple programs serving homeless and low-income individuals and families, including the largest free meals program in San Francisco. She has extensive experience in program development, evaluation, strategy, multi-sector collaboration, marketing and fundraising. Ms. Bonini is a founding member of the Tenderloin Hunger Taskforce, a participating member of the San Francisco Food Security Task Force, has a BA in Sociology from Hamilton College and obtained her MPA from the University of Southern California.