Amy Beck, MD, MPH

Assoc Prof of Clin Pediatrics

2017 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training, University of California
General Academic Pediatrics Fellowship, 2014 - School of Medicine, University of California
Chief Resident, 2011 - School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco
Residency, 2010 - School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
MPH, 2007 - Graduate School, University of Connecticut
M.D., 2007 - School of Medicine, University of Connecticut
  1. A Qualitative Exploration of Barriers and Facilitators to Physical Activity Among Low-Income Latino Adolescents.
  2. Trends in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among California children.
  3. Embedded Maternal Mental Health Care in a Pediatric Primary Care Clinic: A qualitative exploration of mothers' experiences.
  4. Barriers and facilitators to healthy eating among low-income Latino adolescents.
  5. Pilot Analysis of Early Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG for Infant Colic Prevention.
  6. Beliefs and practices regarding solid food introduction among Latino parents in Northern California.
  7. Full fat milk consumption protects against severe childhood obesity in Latinos.
  8. Randomized Controlled Trial of a Clinic-Based Intervention to Promote Healthy Beverage Consumption Among Latino Children.
  9. Television During Meals in the First 4 Years of Life.
  10. Latino Parents' Beliefs about Television Viewing by Infants and Toddlers.
  11. Understanding how Latino parents choose beverages to serve to infants and toddlers.
  12. Trends in sugar-sweetened beverage and 100% fruit juice consumption among California children.
  13. Association of beverage consumption with obesity in Mexican American children.
  14. Peptide YY: a gut hormone associated with anorexia during infectious diarrhea in children.