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The Origins of Black Poverty

In San Francisco, the black population is significantly less healthy than other groups in the city; this community is also disproportionately impoverished.  Medical practitioners are often taught that both race and class are important determinants of health outcomes, however we are not often taught about why this is the case.  Come hear one physician's perspective on how American policies have created a crisis of Black poverty and ill-health in our city.

Zea Malawa, MD

Dr. Zea Malawa

Zea Malawa is a pediatrician and public health professional committed to improving health outcomes for children of color.  Upon completing her undergraduate degree at Columbia University, she earned a medical doctorate from UCLA and a master’s degree in public health from UC Berkeley.  After a decade of practicing medicine in safety-net clinics, Dr. Malawa has become acutely aware of the toll racism takes on black and brown communities.  Currently, Dr. Malawa sees patients at Mission Neighborhood Health Center and she works for the San Francisco Department of Public Health leading a collective impact initiative to reduce racial disparities in birth outcomes.

ZSFG Carr Auditorium
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