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New Resource for Researchers: Validated Measures for Research with Vulnerable & Special Populations led by Drs. Dean Schillinger and Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo.

We are honored to announce a new CTSI research resource: Validated Measures for Research with Vulnerable & Special Populations, a collection of survey instruments selected for applicability to groups the NIH has termed “special populations”, under-represented in translational research: pediatric populations, geriatric populations and other vulnerable populations (those with low income, lower educational attainment, racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ populations, etc.). The measures include a broad range of clinical and social variables, from homelessness to food insecurity, from discrimination to trust, from health literacy to language proficiency, from stress to mental health, from functional status to disability, and from caregiving burden to end-of life decision-making. While other survey collections exist, to our knowledge this is the first to compile measures focused on common factors that can place vulnerable individuals at risk of disease, influence the efficacy of therapies, and change the course of illness. These factors represent potential intervention targets, either alone or with co-interventions, and some may even represent primary or secondary outcomes. The overarching objective of this new compendium of measures is to accelerate progress toward one of UCSF’s core values: achieving health equity.   Read Source »