CVPHCP contributed to a recent commissioned report for the IOM on defining Attribute of Health Literate Health Care Organizations, informing and advancing an agenda to promote public health literacy. It has also informed the National Foundation Joint Report on patient safety, the US Surgeon General’s 2010 Report on Improving Health Literacy, and the Joint Commission 2007 Report on Improving Health Literacy to Protect Patient Safety. It has also co-created the award-winning youth-led, counter-marketing diabetes prevention campaign, The Bigger Picture, which aims to end Type 2 diabetes in young people of color.

CVPHCP has also been advancing public health literacy related to diabetes prevention. The Program was instrumental in advancing the first ordinance in the world that mandates health warning notices on advertisements that promote sugary drinks. It has also been carrying out foundational research to document how the sugary drink industry appropriates the scientific dissemination process to oppose evidence of the unhealthy effects of their products and create controversy in the public’s mind.

Contributions to Health Literacy Tool Kit
Dr. Schillinger contributed to in the AHRQ-commissioned Health Literacy Universal Precautions health literacy tool kit. The toolkit is based on the principles of universal precautions, or specific actions that providers can take to make health information more understandable for all patients. It is designed to be used by all levels of primary care staff.
Link: AHRQ

Health Care Innovations Exchange
Agency for Health-Related Research Quality (AHRQ) highlighted Dr. Schillinger’s work in their Health Care Innovations Exchange- a national program designed to support health care professionals in sharing and adopting innovations that improve the delivery of care to patients.
Link: Innovations AHRQ

California Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
California Safety Net Institute highlighted Dr. Schillinger’s work as the new chief of the California Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, a UCSF-administered program under the auspices of the CA Department of Public Health. This role will be integral to advancing policy in diabetes.
Link: Cal Diabetes

Development of Health Communication/Health Literacy Initiatives and Reports
Dr Schillinger’s research and testimony has contributed to the development of health communication/health literacy initiatives and reports at the American College of Physicians, the Joint Commission (JCAHO), and the National Quality Forum. These reports are available upon request.
Link: Improving Health Literacy

Develop and Enhance the Quality of Physician Counseling About Chronic Disease
CVP faculty member, Dr. Hilary Seligman works with the American College of Physicians Foundation to develop and enhance the quality of physician counseling about chronic disease. This work has included the development of patient education guides targeted toward patients with limited health literacy. Almost a million copies of the diabetes guide have been distributed throughout the country to HMOs (including Kaiser and Blue Cross), Medicaid Programs, VA Medical Centers, hospital settings, and community health centers.
Link: ACP Foundation

Dr. Seligman co-developed and narrated instructional video for physicians to utilize in treating patients with diabetes
Dr. Seligman co-developed and narrated the “Ready, Set, Action Plan!” video which teaches physicians strategies for more effectively engaging patients in the behavior change process. This video is used for training in diverse settings, such as the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston) Closed Circuit Patient Education System and the Louisiana State University Medical School Clinical Curriculum.
Link: ACP Foundation