Project Name: Comparative Effectiveness of Policies to Reduce Dietary Salt Intake in the Pacific Rim
Funded by University of California – Pacific Rim Research Program
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bibbins-Domingo
Duration: 7/1/12-6/30/13

To adapt the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Policy Model, a validated computer simulation of CHD in the US adult population over age 35 years to Argentina, Chile, and China, using their respective data on CHD risk factors to create a country specific CVD Policy Model and evaluate the anticipated effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the country-specific sodium reduction interventions.

Project Name: Enhancing Mexican Capacity for CVD Policy Research
Funded by UC Institute for Mexico and the United States
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bibbins-Domingo
Duration: 7/1/11 – 12/31/13

To develop a Mexican version of the Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Policy Model (“CHD Policy Model-Mexico”) and create both a useful tool for the evaluation of clinical and public health interventions in Mexico.

Project Name: Feasibility of Implementation of International Standards of TB Care Guidelines in Uganda
Funded by NIH/NIAD
Principal Investigator: Dr. Cattamanchi; Co-Investigator: Dr. Handley
Duration: 7/1/11 – 6/30/2013

The study is a pilot intervention components to determine the feasibility and impact on objective measures of International Standards of TB Care (ISTC) adherence.