RISE Scholars

Dana Carthron, PhD, RN
Michigan State University
RISE Cohort 6

Dr. Carthron is a native of Flint, MI and is a former Army nurse. She has moved through the ranks of care provider starting as a nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse and eventually becoming a registered nurse. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she entered the BSN to PhD track and she would become one of the first to graduates and the first African-American from this program at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Her dissertation focused on the diabetic health of African-American caregiving grandmothers.

Her first postdoc was completed at Duke University as a Claire M. Fagan fellow where she gained expertise in mixed methods and longitudinal analysis of trajectories of chronic illness. Her second post-doctoral fellowship was through the Center for Health Equity Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which focused on community-based participatory research models and the development of multiphase clinical trials. Her current research focuses on the self-management (specifically physical activity) of multiple morbidities among African American grandmother raising their grandchildren. In addition, she is also interested in how environmental crisis such as the Flint Water Crisis impacts their self-management.

As a faculty member at Michigan State University in the College of Nursing and formerly Winston-Salem State University she has taught courses in Community/Public Health, Gerontology and Research Methodology to undergraduate nursing students.